Chittick-Jones Addition

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Iowa City, Iowa
1750 Sq. Ft. addition

Idea of “old, settled and honest” attracted a young couple to buy this 90 year old brick house. Family grew to Four! Two new kids of new generation bought new life patterns and requirements. “This Old House” was ready for additional space!

After we reviewed the project requirements and understood our clients taste in Architecture, we proposed an option which was little more complex (but exciting and satisfying) than a simple “non identifiable addition”. We wanted the new addition to be confident, independent and different and yet respectful by inheriting the original house’s formal language, traits and proportions. This idea struck a cord with these new parents.

New addition borrows its silhouette from old. Concrete footings become exposed exterior while matching an existing brick ledge. Exposed lateral load rigid steel frame adorns the glass box corners. New “bridge” between the old and new house frames an existing patio while sculpting a safe and visible exterior space in between for kids to play.