Hatchet Jacks

Iowa City, Iowa
4900 Sq.Ft.

Axes have been around for over a million and a half years, but the concept of the throwing axe really took off and spread around the time of the 5th century. In 2006, Canada started axe throwing as a sport, now Hatchet Jacks brings this new spreading National craze to Iowa City.

Our project is an Interior build-out of a typical mercantile tenant space previously occupied by a Video rental Store. Project required a minimum of 12 throwing lanes, sizes determined by the sports governing body, “The Axe Throwing Federation”, along with private meeting rooms, a small bar/snack area and office. Throwing lane space and safety requirements dominated the planning of the centrally located throwing lanes. Meeting rooms and administration spaces were placed on two sides defining the central playing. This allowed the original storefront glass to remain open for views of the action from outside. Meeting rooms, were clad with Polycarbonate panels, allowing privacy while filtering natural light into central throwing area from exterior side windows now enclosed. Throwing lanes are defined with simple 2x construction and galvanized cattle fence keeping the area as open as possible.

Shiny gridded screws on fluted translucent panels and lumberjack inspired flannel patterned wall papers, on walls, pedestals, signage and throwing lane guiding lines bring branding identity, color and whimsy to the interior. Custom made 2X lumber seats and tables were economical solutions that continued the straight forward simplicity of the interior partitions and delivered a textural counterpoint to the openness of the galvanized wire throwing lane walls.

Simple planning, humble materials, restraint and a splash of color turn a budget conscious, practical and safety driven environment into a modish, energetic sports venue experience.

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