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Akar Architecture Office

Akar Architecture was established in Iowa City, Iowa in 1998 with the belief that all design- residential architecture or commercial should be a poetic response to people, nature, and function; It should be timeless, inspiring, and capable of capturing the spirit of its environment.  We are intrigued by the wisdom of vernacular architecture. Regionalism is part of our design process; it helps to articulate the sense of place with common sense sustainability.

Our houses are always designed “green”. Common sense green, with respect for site, nature, materials, and construction methods. Sustainability is not mathematical calculations or evidence of official paperwork, It is a passionate love affair with our planet and the immediate built environment.

Sanjay Jani
 Sanjay Jani received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the L. S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai, India in 1988 and a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan in 1991. He moved to Iowa City as an intern architect in 1993 and received his license to practice architecture in 1996. As a founder and Principal of AKAR, he is passionate about the process of creating the built structure and built environment's ability to inspire and enrich daily life. Sanjay curious observer, who likes to document and create. He is a skilled photographer, ceramicist, graphic designer, and jewelry maker. Sanjay uses his architectural and artistic skills to advance the awareness of visual arts in multiple contexts. As a complement to his architectural work, he has served on boards of AIA Iowa, Downtown Iowa City, the University of Iowa Museum of Arts, and the Public Art Committee for the University of Iowa.
Jigna Jani
AKAR started as a space sharing art and architecture. The art gallery worked as a friendly conduit to educate people about the practice of architecture. The idea was very successful and in 8 years, AKAR had to separate into two separate buildings and businesses as Akar Design and AKAR ARchiTecture. Founder of Akar, Jigna Jani is a curator of the Akar Design and ClayAkar ceramics gallery located in downtown Iowa City. She is fascinated with the interaction and collaboration of art and architecture. Jigna received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the L. S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai, India, and came to the University of California at San Lui Obispo to pursue her Masters of Architecture. 
Tony Nash
Tony Nash received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State in 1996. He moved to Iowa City as an intern architect in 1998. He is part of the Akar team form 2001. He brings his knowledge of commercial architecture practices while working on complex projects.