Stumbo Kitchen Remodelling

Iowa City, Iowa 
1000 Sq.Ft.

The time had come for longtime collaborator and cabinet builder to deliver on the new kitchen cabinets he had been promising his family.  Having built Bison Head, Turkey Farm and Rounded Rocks cabinetry among others, he came to us for help in designing his own family kitchen.

The project was a complete remodel of the existing contractor grade kitchen, mudroom and laundry area typical of mid 80's residential construction.  The design features a large island with custom built stools and a circular table that spends most of its time nestled into the island but can be pulled out to accommodate guests.  Door to Laundry / Mud Room is seemlessly hidden within wall of cabinets and frames of inset cabinets continue on to create display areas for ceramics collection and kids art.

The result was a showcase kitchen for future clients that, we think, displays the skill of a true craftman. 


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